Sunday, January 30, 2011

Long time, no update!

I've been busy with work and getting back to the "routine" after the holidays, and haven't posted in weeks! But, I've been very busy, scrapping, making cards, and making art! I participated in an online workshop sponsored by Strathmore Artists Papers this month. This workshop was taught by mixed-media art journaling artist Pam Carriker, and was absolutely fabulous! We learned collage techniques, shading with charcoal pencil and oil pastels, stamping and stenciling with really cool household objects, and journaling techniques, among other things. It was really an eye-opening, artistic-muscle-stretching event.

Here's my first page I created; the 1st version from Week 1

Then here it is after the next "layer" of pencil and oil pastel - Week 2 version

Interesting, isn't it? I don't have pics of weeks 3 and 4; I was getting ready to take pics of week 3 when one of my precious babies mistook my sketchbook for their litterbox and ruined these designs. (If I could figure out which one it was.........ggrrrrrrr!!!)

The good news is, the 3rd page that I was working on I was wanting to change. Since I was already more than halfway done, I wasn't going to go back and do that they are ruined, I get a do-over!!! This is the collage/artwork I am going to re-do in Week 1 stage:

and the same page in Week 2 stage; where it will live forever, lol!

Now; off to see what I can do to it now.....................

I also made some cute cards and a layout about my boys - 2 of the dogs and 1 of the cats.......I'll post them later. Thanks for reading all the way through this!!


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