Saturday, October 30, 2010

Final Oct Challenge piece

I finally finished Michelle's challenge at GPP Street Team and have really learned a lot - stretched myself a bit. I have been so enthralled with all the other participants work, I had a very hard time deciding what to do on my own work. There were so many great ideas and incredible work, I am amazed!!!!

This piece was the same printed background as the other 2; I used the stencil I made when I made the mask for the last one, and more Glimmer Mist. I thought the Glimmer Mist didn't really work for this effect, though. I guess it was too close to the background color to show up well. So I took several colors of ink and stamped the same stylized flower image over and over to "busy up" the background. I stamped the word "faith" and I found some cool torn paper scraps in my stash; glued them down, then wrote the verse on the bottom one with a gel pen.
I really like the way this one turned out; I'll probably cover it with matte gel medium and use it and the second one in a notebook I use daily. It has the clear pockets on the front and back, so I can slip these right in.

What's next, Michelle????

Two more for GPP # 45

I finally completed this challenge - and what a challenge it was for me! Michelle asked us to take a print of a previously painted background and alter it. We could paint, collage, stamp, color, whatever we wanted to.....

This is my completed second work - I used Michelle's suggestion of a mask to make the hand shape with Glimmer Mist - sooo sparkly! I love it! Then it needed "grunging" up, so I used Distress Ink to stamp images all around. I didn't ink the stamp evenly to make the images more faded and aged. I scribbled all around the edges with markers and pens, then wrote on the hand.

This is the piece after I masked the hand and stamped it - before I scribbled on it. Sorry, I put the photo's in the wrong order - I still don't understand this blog-thing.....and if anyone has a tip to put a watermark on these pics, I would love to hear it! I only have the photo programs that were loaded on this computer and really don't know how to use them.

I have REALLY enjoyed this challenge - I have utilized methods and tools I would never have thought of. The other people participating in the challenge are all incredibly talented and I have learned much from them. Can't wait to see what Michelle has in store for next month!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A first in several ways...

This is my first collage; how did I ever get a minor in Art without making a collage, you ask? I have no answer for that! This is for the October GPP Street Team Challenge #45 and it's my first take on the challenge as well - lots of "firsts" lol!
I had no idea I was going to create a collage; I was merely going through a magazine before throwing it out......but creativity had other plans....
I don't know if anyone can see it in the picture, but I took some shimmery green-gold paint and mixed it with matte medium, painted it on a stamp and stamped over the cutouts. It gives a really cool ghost-y shimmer and glams it up a lot.

That was interesting; I may have to try more of that.....thanks Michelle for the inspiration and the challenge!!!