Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two more for GPP # 45

I finally completed this challenge - and what a challenge it was for me! Michelle asked us to take a print of a previously painted background and alter it. We could paint, collage, stamp, color, whatever we wanted to.....

This is my completed second work - I used Michelle's suggestion of a mask to make the hand shape with Glimmer Mist - sooo sparkly! I love it! Then it needed "grunging" up, so I used Distress Ink to stamp images all around. I didn't ink the stamp evenly to make the images more faded and aged. I scribbled all around the edges with markers and pens, then wrote on the hand.

This is the piece after I masked the hand and stamped it - before I scribbled on it. Sorry, I put the photo's in the wrong order - I still don't understand this blog-thing.....and if anyone has a tip to put a watermark on these pics, I would love to hear it! I only have the photo programs that were loaded on this computer and really don't know how to use them.

I have REALLY enjoyed this challenge - I have utilized methods and tools I would never have thought of. The other people participating in the challenge are all incredibly talented and I have learned much from them. Can't wait to see what Michelle has in store for next month!!


  1. Cindi - love this! I clicked on the close up and saw all the fun random details. So glad to hear you have had fun with this one, and that you learned not only from your experiences but from visiting the other crusaders. Yay!

    One suggestion I make to people who don't have a photo editing program (or they don't understand the one they have!) is to make a label with your name on it to be on your piece when you photograph it. It's old school, but it works :)

    Thanks for sharing with the team Cindi.

  2. Hi Cindi! Pretty piece! I love the palm print. And the lovely stamping all around. Very nice! :-)

  3. Love the hand print! What a super cool idea! And I'm delighted that you're going to be a part of Art Journal Every Day!